Gust Burns

Gust Burns & Greg Campbell Duo – Monday, October 27, Chapel Performance Space

Opening the evening’s very interesting and intriguing concert was Seattle’s own sonic adventurers Gust Burns (piano, altered keyboards) and Gregory Campbell (percussion, French horn). Burns strives to discover new routes to improvisation on the piano, developing alternative narrative approaches and extended techniques. Citing both the American and European avant-garde lineages, traditional American jazz, and the popular music he grew up with as major influences, Burns has developed a unique and engrossing musical perspective and is also keen on exploring how music functions within a greater socio-political context. He also directs the Seattle Improvised Music Festival. Greg Campbell is a percussionist with a wide range of interests, as is demonstrated by a list of his former teachers—bassists Dave Holland and Cecil McBee, drummer Bob Moses, and Ghanaian palmwine guitarist Koo Nimo, among many others. A life-long student, Campbell also teaches at Cascadia Community College and online for Boston University. Longtime colleagues, Burns and Campbell promise to deliver an exciting and intellectually-stimulating evening of improvisations.


Click here for the complete schedule for the rest of the upcoming shows at the 2008 Earshot Jazz Festival

Photograph by editorial photographer Daniel Sheehan a photojournalist who specializes in portrait photography and photojournalism for publications and corporations. He is also a  wedding photographer in Seattle photographing weddings with a subtle, unobtrusive, story-telling approach 



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