Abdoulaye Diabate

Abdoulaye Diabate performing with Peter Apfelbaum & New York Hieroglyphics

Tuesday, October 28, Langston Hughes Performing Arts Center
Apfelbaum’s reformulated Hieroglyphics Ensemble, a tentet now based in New York, performs the original piece Aural Histories, composed with a Chamber Music America/Doris Duke Foundation grant. In each of the piece’s sections, a band member improvises over a composed background while Malian griot Abdoulaye Diabate sings a narrative of that particular musician’s life.
A leading figure in the world-jazz movement, Peter Apfelbaum has always gravitated to transporting melodies and timbres and to a group dynamic that emphasizes extended improvisation over jazz-infused West African and Afro-Caribbean styles. The Guardian called the results, in Aural Histories, “positively fire-spitting.”
With Peter Apfelbaum (tenor sax, piano, percussion) and vocalist Abdoulaye Diabate, who hails from a long family tradition of griots and has also performed in the West with the likes of jazzmen Don Byron and guitarist-folklorist Banning Eyre, are: Peck Allmond (trumpet, reeds), Josh Roseman (trombome), Jessica Jones (tenor sax, flute), Tony Jones (tenor sax), Charles Burnham (violin), David Phelps (guitar), Patrice Blanchard (bass), and – a show unto himself – Dafnis Prieto on drums.

Click here for the complete schedule for the rest of the upcoming shows at the 2008 Earshot Jazz Festival

Photograph by Paul Joseph Brown 




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