Sam Gray’s Frantic Menagerie Orchestra


Sam Gray, the outstanding composer and arranger, leads a driving big band of his contemporary, younger Seattleites at the Triple Door, opening up for the third and last night of the Wayne Horvitz 20-year retrospective. Monday, November 3, Triple Door
Gray, a 2008 graduate of Garfield High School’s extraordinary jazz program, has also been a student of Wayne Horvitz’s for many years. Of Gray, who now is studying composition at Temple University in Philadelphia, Horvitz says: “Sam was one of a few students first at Washington Middle School and then with the Garfield band who studied improvisation with me – he’s a sax player – who also were interested in composition. By ninth and tenth grade he was bringing me really interesting charts, and by eleventh grade they were really great, really interesting. For example, he did an arrangement of ‘Caledonian Mission,’ off The Band’s Music from Big Pink, and also a They Might Be Giants tune. Plus a lot of originals. He was already pulling this off in eleventh and twelfth grade. When he gets out he’s going to be a force of nature.”

Click here for the complete schedule for the rest of the upcoming shows at the 2008 Earshot Jazz Festival


Photograph by  portrait photographer Daniel Sheehan, a photojournalist who specializes in corporate event photography and photojournalism for publications and corporations. He is also a wedding photographer at  A Beautiful Day Photography and one of the best photographers in Seattle.





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