Ron Miles


Ron Miles playing in the back row of the New York Composers Orchestra, East and West Monday Nov 2nd at the Triple Door.

This concluding evening of the Wayne Horvitz retrospective featured Horvitz’s New York Composers Orchestra West and the President. What an incredible night of bands. The range and scope of his music left little to be desired. The fantastic level of talent represented on stage was simply amazing too. Not just for Seattle but for anywhere on this planet. The performance blew me away, although I did manage to hold on and stay until the end.

The New York Composers Orchestra was formed in 1986 by composers Wayne Horvitz and Robin Holcomb as a means to perform works by composers wishing to write for jazz instrumentation without being confined by traditional jazz and big band styles. In New York, the orchestra was commissioned to perform works by Anthony Braxton, Lenny Picket, Butch Morris, Marty Ehrlich, and Elliott Sharp, among many others. After Horvitz and Holcomb relocated to Seattle in 1988, however, the NYCO repertoire spread out across the US – it has been performed by the original ensemble in New York City, Horvitz and Holcomb’s New York Composers Orchestra West, which very occasionally performed here in Seattle, and the Boston-based Jazz Composers Alliance, which has also showcased some of its scores.
Opportunities to hear large orchestras as adventurous as this, featuring musicians as gifted as this, are few and far between. As Rolling Stone has noted: “The NYCO points directions out of the musical prison that surround too much current jazz. And, like all truly great big bands, it swings its tail off.”
In this Seattle revival, Horvitz presented a stellar lineup of old friends from New York days along with some of the outstanding Seattleites whom he recruited to his cause early in his time here: on reeds, Hans Teuber, Briggan Krauss, Skerik, Doug Wieselman, and Jim Dejoie; on trumpets, Ron Miles, Brad Allison, and Thomas Marriott; on trombones, Chris Stover and Nelson Bell; on French horn, Tom Varner; on drums, Bobby Previte; on bass, Phil Sparks; on piano and organ, Wayne Horvitz. Robin Holcomb conducts and plays piano. With special guest, on guitar: Tim Young.
Click here for the complete schedule for the rest of the upcoming shows at the 2008 Earshot Jazz Festival


Photograph by  portrait photographer in Seattle Daniel Sheehan, a photojournalist who specializes in corporate event photography and photojournalism for publications and corporations. He is also a wedding photographer at  A Beautiful Day Photography and one of the best portrait photographers.



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