Michael Shrieve’s Spellbinder

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Michael Shrieve’s Spellbinder Friday, November 7, Triple Door

Also on the bill, in this evening of unparalleled percussion: the searing sextet of Seattle-based drum legend, Michael Shrieve (Santana), in astonishing renditions of music from throughout Shrieve’s still-expanding musical quest. Shrieve is at the height of his powers in a band that has wowed audiences at its weekly gig at ToST in Fremont. His own mastery has peaked again to rank with the fabled performances of his youth. And he has able support from a cast of Seattle’s best: stellar guitarist Danny Godinez, Joe Doria (Hammond B-3 organ), John Fricke (trumpet), and the astounding electric bassist, a seeming reincarnation of Jaco, from Uzbekistan, Farko Dosumov.
Shrieve humbly calls himself a “mongrel”drummer, but you can call him Mr. Drum Ace, a master who has melded a multitude of percussion traditions into a seamless whole. Here he leads his quintet in scintillating performance, displaying the musical intuitions that have made the man who turned Carlos Santana on to Miles and Trane a renowned figure in percussion, worldwide, and record producer for everyone from the Rolling Stones to Bill Frisell to Amon Tobin.

Click here for the complete schedule for the rest of the upcoming shows at the 2008 Earshot Jazz Festival


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