The code is used by google to track this site. I know it looks dumb. I am dumb when it comes to coding and stuff. I am like a babe learning the basics. I feel lucky I can get my photos up here looking so good. They look better here than they ever looked in any of the newspapers I used to work for.

This blog is for the display of the jazz photography by Daniel Sheehan, a Seattle photographer specializing in jazz photography, photojournalism and portrait photography for publications and corporations. He is also a Seattle wedding photographer with a subtle story-telling approach creating award winning Seattle wedding photography and wedding photojournalism. Of all Seattle wedding photographers he is the only one known to regularly shoot jazz musicians in performance on assignment for Earshot Jazz Magazine. Starting in 2008, during the Annual Earshot jazz Festival he began to post at least one photo from every show he could get to photograph that Earshot Jazz put on or produces.  Please ask for permission to use any of the pictures on the blog. Comments from Jazz fans, photography fans, Seattle photographers or anyone else are welcome.

Visit A Beautiful Day Photography Daniel Sheehan‘s wedding photography website.

One response

  1. Hi Daniel

    What a great photos of our concert at Tulas in Seattle. Beautiful, thanks a lot, I checked out your site and the other photos are really nice as well, my compliments! Can I put the photos on my weblog/website? Of course I’ll put your name there too.
    Anyway I like them a lot.

    Have a great day

    Harmen Fraanje

    October 22, 2008 at 1:04 pm

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